Where to Purchase Yoga Clothes

People ask me all the time, What should I wear to yoga class?

If you are just starting out, please don’t worry about having the perfect yoga outfit. It’s perfectly fine to wear comfortable exercise clothes to yoga. I suggest wearing a breathable fabric that will move with you. I also suggest not wearing clothes that are too baggy. Baggy clothes make it difficult for the teacher to see your alignment, and they get in the way when you are in inversions or other poses where your head is below or in line with your heart. For example, if you wear a baggy t-shirt and you are in downward facing dog or on your hands and knees, your shirt will fall away from your body. Very uncomfortable. I also suggest wearing long pants, capris, or long shorts. Short shorts might be uncomfortable when you are in a forward fold :).

If you decide that you want to stick with yoga, then you might want to purchase some yoga clothes that fit you well and are comfortable. Here are some sources for yoga clothes to get you started. There are MANY other great brands out there, but these will get you started.

Target has cute, inexpensive items, but in my experience they don’t last very long and they just don’t feel as good as the clothes I’m going to list below.

The best VALUE I’ve found is the Balance collection, which you can access at www.marika.com. They have great sales, and if you are a yoga teacher you can get 30% off if you sign up for their Teacher Program.

Lululemon has nice stuff too, but it’s expensive. You may pay over $90 for a pair of pants! Men’s clothes are available. Also, they offer 15% off for teachers. www.lululemon.com.

Prana also has some nice stuff – they offer men’s clothes too. www.prana.com.

Other great brands you might want to consider:
I Love Yoga

Happy shopping!!


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