There is So Much Magnificence

The darkness of night is coming along fast, and the shadows of love close in the body and the mind.
Open the window to the west, and disappear into the air inside you.

Near your breastbone there is an open flower.
Drink the honey that is all around that flower.
Waves are coming in:
there is so much magnificence near the ocean!
Listen: Sound of big seashells! Sounds of bells!

Kabir says: Friend, listen, this is what I have to say:
the Guest I love is inside me!

from The Kabir Book by Robert Bly


One Response to “There is So Much Magnificence”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Oh so visual. Love embraces all of our senses. I need to love myself in order to love at all. My love comes from the depths of the Universe all the time. There is no specific ritual or words needed. I have to listen and recognize the voice within me. I have to act on the wisdom or I lose my way. Action means many things as well.

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