Allergies? Use a Neti Pot

It’s a beautiful time of year in Northern Virginia. The hyacinth and daffodils have bloomed, the cherry and bradford pear blossoms are at their tail end, and now we have a rich array of purple and pink flowers – I don’t know what they are called (dogwoods?) but they smell great!

I’m really lucky that I get to enjoy all these blossoming trees. But most people I know are somewhat miserable this time of year because they have allergies.

One thing you can do to help alleviate the effects of allergies is to use a form of nasal irrigation called a “neti pot.” Neti pots have been around for ages, and in some parts of the world they are used as often as most of us brush our teeth. Western science has found that nasal irrigation can*:

  • Clear out mucus and help reduce nasal congestion
  • Cleanse and rid the sinus cavities of allergens, irritants, and contaminants
  • Treat chronic sinusitis
  • Prevent common colds and flu
  • Relieve nasal dryness
  • Promote healthy nasal passages
  • Improve breathing – especially helpful for practing YOGA!
  • Generally improve sinus health
  • Clean the tear ducts, enabling better cleaning and moistening of the eyes and better vision
  • Improve sense of smell and taste

You can purchase a neti pot at most health food stores, Whole Foods, and online. In No VA, I’ve seen them at the Whole Foods in Reston and at Healthways in Sterling. You will also need to purchase a container of non-iodized salt – the salt is mixed with warm water in the neti pot and that’s what goes through your nose! The salt is key – if you use water alone you will most likely feel some unpleasant burning as the water goes through your nose.

Here’s a good video for learning how to use a neti:

OK – have fun clearing your nose!!



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