I’m in Mexico.
Well, I’m in Cancun.
Which doesn’t really feel like MEXICO. It feels like Florida or California.
Everything is in English and catered to American tourists.
We went to a restaurant last night called La Casa de las Margaritas
(or something like that)
and they had some entertainment of singing and dancing that was oddly
INauthentically Mexican.
We’re in Mexico, at a Chi-Chi’s looking restaurant listening to real
Mexicans that seem like they are performing a dance that Americans
want to think is really happening in authentic Mexico.
I don’t know.
That all said, I LOVE the Royal Sands resort we are staying at.
And the food + margaritas at the restaurant were fabulous.
My favorite was Mango with Chipotle. How clever is that?
So while I’m thoroughly enjoying my time here,
and have a blast with my girlfriends,
it’s not feeling like Mexico.
And that’s just fine.


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