New Raw Food Diet for Marty + Rosie

We recently took Rosie to see Dr. Kim Danoff in Vienna. Dr. Danoff is a vet who practices in a holistic way. So if your pet is not getting what he or she needs from your regular vet, Dr. Danoff might be able to offer an alternative solution.

We took Rosie to Dr. Danoff because Rosie tends to have issues with her anal glands. About once a month, we take her in to have her glands expressed. Then about a day later, she’s scooting again. My regular vet hasn’t been able to figure out why this is happening – we just keep taking her in to get expressed.

Dr. Danoff immediately recommended that we change Rosie’s food to a raw food diet that is more in line with what dogs eat naturally. She suggested a relatively new line of dog food called “Embark” made by Honest Kitchen. It’s a blend of high quality, human-grade raw ingredients such as turkey, eggs, coconut, bananas, sweet potatoes, and more that have been dehydrated into fine flakes. Each batch is taste tested by humans! It’s easy to prepare – you just add some hot water to the flakes and let them re-hydrate for about 5 minutes. So it’s convenient like regular dry dog food yet the dogs are now on a pure raw diet that is more natural for them. We give this food to both our dogs, and add in raw carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans and / or raw ground turkey or beef. Dr. Danoff also suggested we add some fish oil.

We’ve been on this new diet for about 6 weeks now. Here’s what we’ve noticed:

1. The girls LOVE IT. Of course!

2. They’ve both lost weight and look sleek and muscular. When we took Rosie back to Dr. Danoff for her 4-week follow up visit, she had lost 5 pounds. I think Marty’s loss is similar.

3. Both girls are less hyper at dinner time. They used to jump around and bark and go crazy when I started getting out the food. Now – they’re still excited, but they sit and wait calmly while I prepare their dinner.

4. Rosie is remarkably less aggressive with other dogs. It’s amazing. We’ve encountered several other dogs on our many walks, and while she used to freak out, she is now pretty cool and calm. This has been the most amazing change.

5. Rosie was still scooting a few weeks ago, but lately I haven’t noticed her doing it. I’m not sure yet if this issue is resolved – we’ll wait a few more weeks before we make that call.


2 Responses to “New Raw Food Diet for Marty + Rosie”

  1. Ann Says:

    How interesting! I’m forwarding this to my daughter, whose beloved “Scout” is a little aggressive with other dogs (though not humans), and, according to her vet, needs to lose a few pounds. Thanks for the tip! Ann

  2. Julia Says:

    you’re welcome! It happened again this morning that we were out walking and a strange dog (on a leash) came withing 5 feet of Marty + Rosie. They were both totally cool about it and even though the other dog was spazzing out, my dogs just looked at him and walked on!

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