Today I’m Grateful for…

Doug and I sometimes have a conversation about that for which we feel grateful. I’m sure I just violated some Rules of the English Language there. Anyway, here is my list for today:

1. My husband Doug, my biggest supporter, friend, partner, love.
2. My mom – also my biggest supporter and amazing human being.
3. My grandmother whom I call “Nain” – Welch for “grandma.” She’s so funny and has always been there.
4. My father – he taught me many lifelong lessons.
5. My dogs Marty and Rosie – representatives of pure love and my faithful walking companions. I guess I’ll throw Stella in this mix too even though she can’t on on walks with us 🙂
6. My health. Oh man I am so grateful for my health.
7. My friends who listen to me yammer on about this or that, hear my complaints, and celebrate my successes. Thank you – especially Kate who is ALWAYS there.
8. Electricity. It’s 95 degrees at 10pm – I’d be seriously bummed if we didn’t have a/c right now!
9. Yoga, running, swimming – being able to move my body and feel really good doing so.
10. My yoga students who continually motivate and teach me.
11. My inlaws – Doris, Mark, and Peter for accepting me into their family with open arms 🙂


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