No More Lemon Wedges in My Drinks!

A microbiologist in New Jersey ran a study on the lemons that you get with your drink when you go to restaurants.

She went to 21 different restaurants and tested the lemons that were served. Overall, she found that 77% of the lemons had disease-causing bacteria. In some she found fecal material!


Get the full scoop by clicking here. If you’re having trouble with the link, just go to and search on “the lemon study.”


One Response to “No More Lemon Wedges in My Drinks!”

  1. Ann Says:

    Right, I’ve thought about that. So I wash the lemons I use at home. With soap. It’s really not a bad idea to wash most of what you buy that has a good skin with soap, or a dash of chlorox. Can’t do it with lettuce, or herbs, though.

    That said, I’ve never gotten sick from lemon wedges in restaurant drinks, and I usually get extra. One option would be to ask for them on a plate, then squeeze and don’t drop it in.

    I really enjoy this blog!

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