The Best Doctor Ever

I recently switched doctors and I now have the best doctor ever. Her name is Dr. Carolyn Walsh and her office is in Lansdowne.

Here is why she’s the best doctor ever:

1. You can make your appointment with her using her online appointment system that allows you to see all available appointments and pick the one that works best for you. You can change your appointment too if needed. It’s so convenient and you can make your appointment any time – no need to wait until the office is open so you can talk to a receptionist (who usually ends up putting you on “hold” at some point!)

2. A regular, standard appointment is 1/2 hour. HALF AN HOUR!! When is the last time your doctor spent a 1/2 hour with you without there being a major scary medical reason? AND she does not rush in and out of the room, trying to see other patients at the same time. She is relaxed and smiling and totally focused on YOUR appointment.

3. Dr. Walsh actually has conversations and explains stuff.

4. She gives out her email address to her patients and ANSWERS EMAILS HERSELF!

5. She almost always has appointments available the same or next day that you need one. No need to wait weeks to see your doctor! 🙂

6. There is a slight downside to all this and that is Dr. Walsh does not have contractual relationships with insurance providers. This means that you have to pay the fee ($90 for a 1/2 hour visit – really this is quite reasonable) and she then provides you with the paperwork you need to submit to your insurance company if you choose to do that. Oh and she fills out most of the forms for you.

7. She has some Saturday and evening hours available.

8. She’s really just a wonderful, warm person.

I just can’t say enough good things about Dr. Walsh.


One Response to “The Best Doctor Ever”

  1. VeloFish Says:

    Julia –

    Took your recommendation to see Dr. Walsh and I couldn’t agree more with your comments. She’s wonderful.

    Michal Gnatek

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