Music for Yoga

I recently made an “iMix” after one of my students asked me about the music I was playing in yoga class. The thing is, iTunes only lets you publish music you bought from them. So any song I had in my mix that was from a CD I bought and added to iTunes, wasn’t included.

That’s kind of annoying.

Anywho, if you want to check out the iMix, here’s the link:

But here is the full play list, in case you are interested:

SONG NAME ARTIST ALBUM (we still use this word?)
Earth Uwe Neumann Jala (Compiled By Shiva Rea)
Sri Sivakumar Nataraja: Compiled By Shiva Rea
Invocation To Water Shaman’s Dream Kerala Dream
Jai Hanuman Shaman’s Dream Kerala Dream
Black Milk Massive Attack Mezzanine
Dubfire Adham Shaikh Fusion
Ghasi Ram Blues Kaya Project Nataraja: Compiled By Shiva Rea
Dub Massacre Dual Tone Hi-Fidelity Dub Sessions Electronic
Mangalam Prem Joshua Tandava
So Much Magnificence Steve Gold (I got this from
Space Weaver Lisa Gerrard The Silver Tree
Elegy Lisa Gerrard & Patrick Cassidy Immortal Memory
Prana Craig Kohland & Shaman’s Dream Tribo Musica
Stars John De Kadt Nataraja: Compiled By Shiva Rea
Pacific Ocean (Maui) Naturescapes Music Sounds of the Sea



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