National Nutrition Month

Did you know that it’s National Nutrition Month?
I didn’t either.
I just got an email about it.
So in the spirit of National Nutrition Month, here’s what I propose:
We need to be REALLY NICE to each other right now.
Let’s nourish our souls.

I was in the grocery store today and waiting in line for my turn to check out. I put my stuff on the conveyor belt and then tried to put my basket on the stack under the counter but I couldn’t because the last basket had been put on askew and so my basket wouldn’t fit. I had my other hand full and I had to put the basket down on the floor and put my items down so that I could use both hands to fix the baskets and put my basket on top of the pile under the counter.

Well the guy behind me got really mad when I put my basket on the floor in front of him. “You are NOT going to just leave that there,” he fumed.

I assured him that I was NOT going to leave my basket in his way, and that I was simply putting the basket there for a second while I put down my groceries so that I could use both hands to put my basket away. Boy was I annoyed and I was thisclose to getting snarky with him. Ok, so maybe I was a tad snarky with him.

After I paid for my groceries and picked up my bags I heard him complain loudly to the check-out lady about how this was a 15-item limit lane and I had more than that, and I shouldn’t have been allowed to check out there (I checked my receipt – I had 18 items so he was absolutely right).

This scene replayed in my mind as I got in my car. I was struck by how little it took to get him upset and how little it took for me to get upset right back. Who knows what his situation is – he may have just lost his job or all of his savings. I don’t know. But say now I go out into the world being cranky and so does the check-out lady. We have similar interactions with other people and now those people are cranky too. It will go on and on. I think most of us are already a little bit on edge right now – it’s hard not to be when all you have to do is flip on the news for 1 minute to hear how bad everything is. It’s a tough time right now and I think many of us are feeling somewhat nervous and helpless. I know I am constantly reminding myself that I have to focus my energy on what is good in my life and away from what is not going well.

Maybe hearing some kind words from someone or getting a break is the nutrition we REALLY need right now. Maybe if we can make an extra effort to be super nice to at least one other person, there could be a “pay it forward” effect. Being extra nice won’t fix our problems, but maybe this is how we can help each other focus our energies in a positive way. And just think of the ripple effect that could have!


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