News Break

For the last week I’ve been on a “News Break.” That is, I’m taking a big ole break from the news. A news junkie at heart, I’ve realized that the news these last few months is just bringing me down and is nearly always the same (especially since the election). So since last Thursday I’ve refrained from watching the Today show, avoided all news web sites, and listened to “blue collar jokes” (something like that) on my XM radio when I’m driving. While I admit I miss NPR dearly (Diane! Kojo!), I’ve found This American Life podcasts on iTunes (free!) and I’ve been listening to those in the car so I’m getting somewhat of an NPR fix.

I’m finding that I do not miss the news at all. I feel lighter and my mind is free to think about other things. Taking a News Break might not be for everyone, but it’s doing me a whole lotta good right now 🙂


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