Get Ready for Summer! Ten Tips For Looking and Feeling Your Best (part 1)

Ok – so summer is on its way and you’ve been spending the last four months sitting inside, knitting, and watching movies. (I admit it – that’s me!). Winter is all about staying warm and chilling out. But now it’s time to move on. Decide – right now – that you are going to get off your duff and start prepping for summer – because it’ll be here before you know it and you don’t want to still be sitting on the couch.

So here are three of my first ten tips for getting ready for summer.

1. Get on the scale and/or try on your summer clothes – Nearly everybody gains some weight during winter. By getting on the scale or trying on your summer clothes, you will get a realistic picture of where you are relative to last summer. Use this information to set your goals and plan for what clothes you’ll need to purchase. This is your reality check!

2. Start walking outside – Stretch your legs and loosen up those bones by going for walks in the spring sun. For extra motivation, get a pedometer and set a goal of 6,000 – 10,000 steps/day, depending on your current activity level. The “Freestyle Tracer” pedometer was rated “best buy” by Consumer Reports. I ordered mine from and got free shipping. It’s on sale now for just $15.99.

3. Find a buddy or join an exercise class – Nearly all of my students tell me that they are most motivated when they work out with a buddy or regularly attend an exercise class. Find a buddy who shares your goals, is just as motivated as you are, and can work with your schedule. If your friends are still gravitating towards the couch, then join a running club, sign up for a yoga class, or hire a personal trainer. It’s worth it!

Get started with these, and next week I’ll share three more tips with you. ☺


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