Three More Tips for Getting Ready for Summer

Last week I shared with you three of my top ten tips for getting ready for the summer:

  • Get a reality check by stepping on the scale and / or trying on some of your summer clothes.
  • As the weather gets warmer, start going for walks outside.
  • Find a buddy or join an exercise class.

So how did it go? Have you been getting outside? Did you make plans with a workout buddy? Have you stepped on the scale?

Here are the next three more tips for you that concern FOOD!

  1. Transition to “spring foods” as they come into season. In the winter, we eat more soups, stews, and other “hearty” foods to help us keep warm. But as the sun gets hotter, you don’t need those heavy foods anymore. And, incidentally, the grocery stores will soon stock plenty of fresh, light spring foods such as asparagus, snap peas, carrots, spinach, Swiss chard, apricots, cherries, and nectarines. So dig in! I’ve posted two recipes on my website to get you started.
  2. Consider doing a spring cleanse/detox diet – Spring is the perfect time to detoxify your body. A detox diet can actually help you lose up to 10 pounds! There are many ways to do this – ranging from fasting on water or juice to eating just fruits and vegetables. One popular cleanse is called the “Master Cleaner.” Click here for instructions on how to do the Master Cleanser.
  3. Decrease simple carbs and unhealthy foods like salt and soda that cause weight gain and bloating. It’s hard to feel good in your swimsuit when your belly is swollen!

What other ways might you change your food for summer?


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