Feeling Anxious? Five Foods That May Be Stressing You Out

Times are tough and it’s clear that many of us are under a lot of stress.

And as you may know, yoga is proven to help people deal with stress. But yoga isn’t going to help you very much if you are opposing it’s effect by eating foods that actually CAUSE you stress.

So to supplement your yoga practice and help you cope with any anxiety you are experiencing, here are 5 foods that you absolutely should significantly decrease or avoid:

  1. Processed white sugar has no nutritive value, and provides a short boost of energy that is then followed by an energy crash. This high/low energy cycle taxes your adrenal glands, potentially resulting in depression, fatigue, and irritability. Examples: processed cookies, cakes, donuts, candy.
  2. Eating foods high in saturated fats may result in obesity, which puts stress on your cardiovascular and digestion systems. Examples: fried foods, lard, butter, high-fat dairy products, meat.
  3. Alcohol converts to sugar in your body, stimulating the adrenal glands and leading to high stress and insomnia. Excess alcohol may increase the fat deposits in your heart and impair your immune function. It also harms the liver’s ability to remove the toxins that stress produces from your body. If these toxins are not removed they continually circulate through the body, which can be quite damaging. Examples: beer, wine, hard liquor.
  4. Limit your sodium intake. Sodium increases your blood pressure, exhausts your adrenal glands, and may cause emotional instability. It also causes bloating, leaving you feeling uncomfortable and stressed. Examples: Bacon, ham, pickles, sausage, processed foods (a 4-inch oat-bran bagel has 451 mg of sodium!) salad dressings, ketchup.
  5. Caffeine releases adrenaline, which increases your stress level and may wear out your adrenal glands. Caffeine may also interfere with your metabolism. Examples: coffee, soda, tea, chocolate.

Now, isn’t it odd that these are all foods that we tend to turn to when we are stressed?


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