Yoga Is On The Rise

Yoga Journal just released it’s 2008 Yoga in America Market Study. Here are some of the interesting tidbits they are sharing with the public (to read the full study you have to pay $850!):

Americans spend $5.7 billion a year on yoga classes and products – an increase of 87 percent from 2004.

6.9% of U.S. adults, or 15.8 million people, practice yoga. Nearly half (49.4%) of these practitioners started practicing yoga to improve their overall health, compared to just 5.6% in 2003. Of these current practitioners:

  • 72.2% are women; 27.8% are men.
  • 40.6% are 18 to 34 years old; 41% are 35 to 54; and 18.4% are over 55
  • 28.4% have practiced yoga for one year or less.

And it’s not just in the US. This week  Russia’s former First Lady Naina Yeltsina announced that she wants EVERYONE in Russia to practice yoga.

“I have been practicing yoga for last two years. I think it is indispensable for people above 50. It would be good if it was practiced in every Russian home.

And of course Australia’s 83 year old panty-hose clad Yoga Super Gran also hit the yoga presses this week.

I’m not even close to mastering peacock pose!

Can you say, INSPIRING??


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  1. Skid Row Yoga « Double Dog Yoga Blog Says:

    […] I thought this was really interesting since Yoga Journal published a study just six weeks ago in which they said the amount of money Americans spend on yoga is up 87% over last year. I wrote about it in my blog, which you can read here. […]

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