Can Anyone Spare a $100 Yoga Mat?

mandukaWe might be in the middle of a recession but you’d never know from the looks of Manduka’s P&L. In a time where major retailers such as Circuit City and Sharper Image have gone belly up, the maker of the much-coveted Black Mat Pro yoga mat has enjoyed a whopping 55% increase in sales in the first four months of 2009. Time magazine has the scoop in their article “No Stress: Pricey Yoga Mats Sell Briskly in Recession.”

Called the “ferrari of yoga mats,” Manduka yoga mats retail anywhere between $75-$130, which is a heck of a lot more than the $20 yoga mats you can get at Target and the $12 yoga mats I’ve seen at TJ Maxx. So why are people shelling out big bucks for a YOGA MAT?

Because Mandukas are really, really good yoga mats, that’s why. And if you are serious about your yoga practice, you’ll want to have a yoga mat that:

  • feels good,
  • provides traction,
  • has some cushion, and
  • comes with a lifetime guarantee.

These yoga mats are totally worth it, IF you’ve decided to be a dedicated yogi. For the yoga newbie, I say before investing in a Manduka, go with a Target yoga mat while you determine if yoga is something you’re going to want to continue. After slipping and sliding your way through your first few months of yoga you’ll know when it’s time to get your first Manduka and you’ll really appreciate it!


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