Joy, Peace, and Bliss Through Meditation

By feature blog writer Doug Kalish.

What if we could slow down from our normal hectic pace, and live more peacefully?  What if we could have far less stress and fewer worries?  What if we could turn off the constant chatter of our mind?

Well, we can do it, through our yoga practice.

If you’ve ever taken a yoga class, then you are already familiar with hatha yoga – the physical poses we move in and out of, simultaneously with our breath.  There are other aspects to yoga that you may not know, such as meditation (sometimes called mantra yoga). This is where we focus our mind on a single thought or phrase, helping us unite with the universe around us, through quieting our mind and body.

So many people have trouble sitting still for more than five minutes, and haven’t had any luck with meditation.  There are actually many ways to meditate, and different meditation techniques work better for different people.

Have you ever made the trip into Washington DC to visit one of the amazing Smithsonian museums?  If you’ve ever made the trip from the suburbs, then you know that are there so many ways to get downtown.
There’s a fantastic Metro system, with the various Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, and Blue lines.
You can take any of the bridges, like the Key Bridge, the Roosevelt Bridge, the 14th Street Bridge, the Sousa Bridge, the New York Avenue Bridge…
And there are so many roads you can drive on, like New Hampshire Avenue, Georgia Avenue, 16th Street, Connecticut Avenue, Wisconsin Avenue – the choices are endless!

Discovering a meditation practice that helps you find peace and quiet your mind is a bit like making a few visits into DC.  Maybe the trip over the Key Bridge through Georgetown is too confusing, or the taking the Red Line is really inconvenient…you have to try a few different ways, maybe get lost a few times, and then settle in on the best way to go.

Whether this is your first trip, or you are ready to find a new way to go, I’m ready to make the trip with you as you (re)start your meditation practice!

So if you are interested and ready to create a more peaceful life through a meditation practice, then tell us either in the comments below, or send an e-mail to doug(AT)doubledogyoga(DOT)com .  If enough people want to get started, then I’ll post regularly over the next 30 days, giving you practical tips and hopefully lots of inspiration to start and stick with a great meditation practice.

Let’s do this together!

Double Dog Yoga specializes in Absolute Beginner vinyasa (flow) style yoga classes. We offer small group and one-on-one instruction that ideal for people who have always wanted to try yoga but not sure where to begin. Vinyasa yoga is a practice in which a series of postures (asanas) are linked via your breath. The result is a flowing practice that may improve your cardiovascular system, enhance your flexibility, and build strength. Learn more about Double Dog Yoga by visiting our site at


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3 Responses to “Joy, Peace, and Bliss Through Meditation”

  1. Olga Rasmussen Says:

    Loved this posting Doug – and what a neat way to explain the various paths of meditation! Would love to see more practical tips!

  2. laura cohen Says:

    i have been interested in learning about meditation and would love to read practical tips on different approaches/practices. (and hi, julie!)

  3. Doug Says:

    Thanks Olga – appreciate that!

    Olga and Laura – will be glad to share more tips and practices! 🙂

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