About Me

Julia Kalish, eRYT-500

How did you get into yoga? I found yoga one day in 1998 as I was at my gym looking for a new class to try. Back then, I was really into working out because I was about 25 pounds overweight and a stressed out management consultant. The gym was offering a “power yoga” class – I was hooked! At first I saw yoga as just another workout. I would be bored during savasana and wonder how long I was going to have to wait until it was over. But the more I practiced yoga, the more I noticed that I was changing in ways I hadn’t expected. I was becoming more interested in cultivating healthy habits and thinking about my life differently. I noticed that I felt really great on my yoga mat in a way that was much different from when I took aerobics or body pump classes. I started reading yoga books and learning more about the practice – from there I worked my way to signing up for a teacher training!

How long have you been teaching? I’ve been practicing since 1998, and I started teaching in 2005.

What’s your favorite yoga pose? This changes constantly! I am really into handstands right now – I’m working on press handstand!

What is your educational background? I have my BS in mathematics from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and my MBA from Yale University. I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training with Doug Keller and Susan Van Nuys at Health Advantage Yoga Center, and my 500-hour training with Shiva Rea. I also hold a Certified Nutritionist certificate.

What do you do in your spare time? In my spare time I like to take yoga classes from other teachers, as well as pratice on my own. I walk my dogs a lot – about 2-6 miles every day. I also like to read novels, knit, bead, and cook vegetarian food. I especially love to bake!

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