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Jeans You Can Yoga In

June 25, 2009

I’m not sure I really get this. Now they have come out with “yoga jeans.” These jeans are intended to be worn in yoga class AND out on the town with thatyoga jeans “hot top you bought to wear on Saturday night.” The jeans boast 92 percent “shape memory” built right in – that’s about 50% more than your regular ole Levi’s! HOORAY! The 92% shape memory prevents sagging in the butt and in the knees (the knees?). I say, come out with a pair of jeans that fit in the WAIST!

Really though I’m wondering if the makers of “yoga jeans” have ever taken a vinyasa yoga class? My sweaty yoga clothes go right into the washer after class, not out dancing! And when I’m wearing my regular jeans I typically do not have any reason to bust out into a downward facing dog. And, as a teacher who spends most of her life in yoga clothes, I LOVE to wear non-yoga clothes!

So I don’t know. It sort of looks to me like another way to use the word “yoga” to sell a product. Like Yoga Bars and Yoga Bread (yes these actually exist!). At $110 a pair, I don’t know too many yoga teachers who can afford these “jeans” – especially since we’ve already spent all of our income on Lululemon pants!