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Franti Cancels His Wanderlust Appearance

July 26, 2009

wanderlustSo sad….Michael Franti, one of the headliners of the inaugural Wanderlust Festival in Lake Tahoe has had to cancel due to a ruptured appendix.


He announced this change in events in a note that was posted on the Wanderlust website. The rapper Common will replace him

Join me in wishing Michael a healthful and speedy recovery!



July 23, 2009

And right after my last post I stumbled on this:


You can find more here.

Too funny 🙂


July 23, 2009

Not one to miss out on a booming trend, it seems that Rollerblade has jumped on the yoga bandwagon and created…wait, wait try to guess…yes, rollerbladeMOBILE YOGA.

So what you do is you rollerblade AND “perform” yoga poses at the same time! Talk about taking “mind body exercise” to the next level!

Yes I’m being a bit snarky. And I haven’t even tried it. Maybe I’m becoming a yoga snob, I don’t know. But when I hear about things like “Mobile Yoga,” “Yoga Jeans,” and OMG the “Yoga Toilet,” I cringe.

I understand.

Yoga is “in” and everyone wants to latch on to stump their own products. I get it. But it comes at the expense of dragging down the essence of what yoga truly is all about. So on one hand I’d like to see some kind of respect/reverence/honor/acknowledgment/remembering (I don’t know) of the true meaning of yoga, yet on the other hand I love that yoga is a “living science” that can change and bend with the times.

What do you think? Has the use of “yoga” gotten out of hand?
Or do you like seeing yoga become “21st century?”

Yoga Teacher Casting Call!

July 22, 2009

The USA television show “Character Fantasy” is looking for a yoga teacher in the LA area!

The TV show “makes your dreams come true” by bringing the fantasies of ordinary people to life. On July 27 they’ll be helping someone begin her dream of becoming a yoga teacher and studio owner! To do this, they need the help of a yoga teacher who can help this person with her yoga practice and teaching skills. They are looking for yoga teachers who:

  • area available on July 27
  • will be near or in LA on that date
  • are familiar with Bikram (not required but a plus)

You can read more about this here. The actual casting company is Magical Elves. I wasn’t able to find any info about Character Fantasy on their site so if you are truly interested you might want to contact them directly. Me? I’ll look forward to seeing the show!

Lithe Teachers in Spandex and Older Ones in Religious Garb

July 12, 2009

Businessman relaxingA few days ago the New York Times ran an article about New York’s state attempt to license yoga teacher training programs (aka “money grab.) It’s great that the effort is getting some attention, but did the author really need to describe the proponents as “lithe young teachers in spandex” and “older ones in religious garb” that were “sitting barefoot and crossed legged on the wood floor?”

Whatever. We’ll take what we can get. I just find it interesting that the press seems to have a need to describe yogis as if they are edgy weirdos. I mean, if we were a group of bankers they wouldn’t describe the meeting as “a group of primarily older white men wearing suits and ties and sitting in chairs.”

I’m just sayin’.

Celebrate Independence!

July 4, 2009

IYEA TranspLogo_000Happy Independence Day! In addition to our country’s anniversary of independence, today we are celebrating the launch of the Independent Yoga Educators of America!

I encourage ALL yoga teachers, practitioners, and supporters to visit the IYEA website. Launched by Leslie Kaminoff, the IYEA advocates these principles:

  • I am an independent yoga educator.
  • I teach about the value of personal freedom on all levels of human experience.
  • I embrace my own standards for my education, and the training of my students, and am willing to be held accountable for living up to those standards.
  • I value my freedom to conduct my relationships without coercive interference by third parties.
  • I will resist to the best of my ability any entity that assumes the authority to license or regulate me as a yoga educator or to enforce its standards upon me.

I highly encourage all yoga teachers, practitioners, and supporters to visit the IYEA website and blog and consider donating a minimum of $10 to support writing, networking, organizing and legal fees to protect our freedom to teach yoga.

This is an exciting time in yoga’s evolution – I hope you’ll be a part of it.

Sarah Palin Does Yoga

July 1, 2009

Check it out…Sarah Palin does yoga too!

sarah palin

pssstt…Sarah…please don’t put your foot ON your knee!

Put Your Money Where Your Mat Is

June 26, 2009

Yoga Regulation: India Weighs In

June 22, 2009

iyaDid you know that last year the Indian government formed the Indian Yoga Association (IYA), described as “a self-regulatory body responsible for establishing standards for accrediting yoga institutions, yoga curriculum, and yoga therapy?”

Maybe I was asleep at the keyboard and missed this important event in yoga news? But a quick google search doesn’t turn up anything so maybe this was all done very quietly and without fanfare? The first official meeting of the IYA (which is led by BKS Iyengar!) was in December of 2008 – where are the meeting minutes?! Just kidding! The full list of council members is here.

Their charter is here.

India is of course the birthplace of yoga and generally accepted as yoga’s “motherland.” So in a way it’s no surprise that the Indian government wants to protect yoga’s heritage and create standards for both the education and practice of yoga. I cannot imagine this is an easy task, given the numerous variations of yoga that have emerged. Of course, just defining the word yoga would be a monumental endeavor!

I’m mostly wondering, though, what does this mean for us yoga teachers and practitioners in the West? Will IYA declare that some currently popular forms of yoga in the West aren’t actually “yoga?” Will we need to meet certain standards to use the term “yoga?” What if the IYA and the Yoga Alliance disagree? What if the IYA doesn’t agree with the standards set forth by the Commonwealth of Virginia? Who then is the ultimate authority?


On another note, a HUGE  THANK YOU to yogadork for helping spread the word about the MONEY GRAB in VA.

AND…if you are wondering what happened to the recipes and cuddly dog photos, don’t worry you can find them on my new blog Enjoy!

“State-Harassment-of-Yoga-Studios” Flu Outbreak One Step Closer to Full Pandemic

June 17, 2009

Swine FluRICHMOND, VA – While everyone has been keeping their eye on the swine flu pandemic, a different kind of contagious disease has been creeping its way across the United States. That disease is “State-Harassment-of-Yoga-Studios” flu, or “SHYS.”

This highly contagious, fast-moving disease was first reported in Michigan and Missouri earlier this year, and has quickly spread to Arizona, New York, and Virginia.  It is quite possible that the flu has already reached additional states as well. It seems that once one state government comes in contact with another state government that already has the bug, then they have it too. The World Yoga Organization (WYO) has raised its pandemic alert for SHYS flu to the second highest level, meaning that it believes a national outbreak of the disease is imminent.

New York has been hit especially hard, with a recent proposal for their license fees to increase to $5,000! Officials in New York report that they are organizing a Council to defend against the flu, with eradication of the flu as their number one priority. (You can read more about that here and here.)

While the number of yoga studio deaths resulting from  SHYS is unconfirmed, unofficial sources report 4-5 yoga studios / teacher training programs in Virginia alone will need to shut down because they just can’t afford the unreasonable fees being levied by the Commonwealth. There are unconfirmed reports of closings in other states as well.

“Unfortunately our biggest hope ‘Yoga Alliance‘ has been completely ineffective,” said WYO Director-General Durga. “The best defense at this point is for yoga teachers across each state to join together and open communications with their State Governments. You can begin this fight RIGHT NOW by downloading the attached letter and sending it to your state representatives.” Durga continued, “Eating a balanced diet and getting enough sleep will also better prepare you to fight off this disease.”