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July 23, 2009

Not one to miss out on a booming trend, it seems that Rollerblade has jumped on the yoga bandwagon and created…wait, wait try to guess…yes, rollerbladeMOBILE YOGA.

So what you do is you rollerblade AND “perform” yoga poses at the same time! Talk about taking “mind body exercise” to the next level!

Yes I’m being a bit snarky. And I haven’t even tried it. Maybe I’m becoming a yoga snob, I don’t know. But when I hear about things like “Mobile Yoga,” “Yoga Jeans,” and OMG the “Yoga Toilet,” I cringe.

I understand.

Yoga is “in” and everyone wants to latch on to stump their own products. I get it. But it comes at the expense of dragging down the essence of what yoga truly is all about. So on one hand I’d like to see some kind of respect/reverence/honor/acknowledgment/remembering (I don’t know) of the true meaning of yoga, yet on the other hand I love that yoga is a “living science” that can change and bend with the times.

What do you think? Has the use of “yoga” gotten out of hand?
Or do you like seeing yoga become “21st century?”