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Lithe Teachers in Spandex and Older Ones in Religious Garb

July 12, 2009

Businessman relaxingA few days ago the New York Times ran an article about New York’s state attempt to license yoga teacher training programs (aka “money grab.) It’s great that the effort is getting some attention, but did the author really need to describe the proponents as “lithe young teachers in spandex” and “older ones in religious garb” that were “sitting barefoot and crossed legged on the wood floor?”

Whatever. We’ll take what we can get. I just find it interesting that the press seems to have a need to describe yogis as if they are edgy weirdos. I mean, if we were a group of bankers they wouldn’t describe the meeting as “a group of primarily older white men wearing suits and ties and sitting in chairs.”

I’m just sayin’.


Celebrate Independence!

July 4, 2009

IYEA TranspLogo_000Happy Independence Day! In addition to our country’s anniversary of independence, today we are celebrating the launch of the Independent Yoga Educators of America!

I encourage ALL yoga teachers, practitioners, and supporters to visit the IYEA website. Launched by Leslie Kaminoff, the IYEA advocates these principles:

  • I am an independent yoga educator.
  • I teach about the value of personal freedom on all levels of human experience.
  • I embrace my own standards for my education, and the training of my students, and am willing to be held accountable for living up to those standards.
  • I value my freedom to conduct my relationships without coercive interference by third parties.
  • I will resist to the best of my ability any entity that assumes the authority to license or regulate me as a yoga educator or to enforce its standards upon me.

I highly encourage all yoga teachers, practitioners, and supporters to visit the IYEA website and blog and consider donating a minimum of $10 to support writing, networking, organizing and legal fees to protect our freedom to teach yoga.

This is an exciting time in yoga’s evolution – I hope you’ll be a part of it.